Proven Law Firms, Naum Estevez, PLLC and Aikens Estevez, PLLC joined Partnership in June of 2016 to create a Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation powerhouse in Manassas, Va.  With a combined 15+ years of successful legal practice, Nicole H. Naum Esq. and Juan C. Estevez, Esq. are known for their 5-star reviews, proven results and delivering the highest quality representation to clients with a focus on integrity and distinction.

The Figaro Archives was previously contracted to design the Branding and Digital Marketing platform for Naum Law Firm, PLLC and the offer was extended again to cohesively rebrand and digitally replatform for Naum Estevez, PLLC.


With the merger of two established Law Firms, the objective was to create an overall branding and digital marketing presence with a modern edge that stood apart from the standard. It also was important to keep a clean approach to deliver a visual message that Naum Estevez, PLLC was professional and understands the seriousness of their clients' cases. 

Establish Cohesive Branding

Naum Estevez, PLLC knew that they wanted to use a rich navy and gray color palette for all of their marketing as well as there office space. The goal was to evoke calmness and professionalism using color. They came to the table with a rough sketch of a logo and some basic ideas of what they were looking for esthetically. A mood board was assembled and the ideas were digitally brought to life relatively easily. 

Professional On-Brand Photography

With the establishment of the new Partnership, Naum Estevez, PLLC not only needed new cohesive headshots and team photos, they also needed strong interior/exterior office photos of their new location. The photos were used to create a footprint for all platforms of social media and digital marketing.  All images were carefully handled for consistent Search Engine Optimation (SEO) and to enhance Social Media Campaigns. 

Seamless Web Design Across Digital Platforms

Seamless integration and user experience were top priority in designing for  Leading with a Mobile First mentality, it was important that each platform was cohesive and easy to navigate for the Naum Estevez, PLLC client. 

Other important details included interactive reviews, badge links, meeting keyword requirements and optimizing the backend SEO.


When I begin working with a client on their branding and marketing, I put together a creative brief and outline the company's brand, story and initiative.  This is to document a clear direction for all parties. Naum Estevez, PLLC already had a basic idea of a logo they wanted, so I refined it for them and made it vector ready.  The business card was designed to engage clients with high quality materials while also giving them a need to keep the card in their wallet. 



In the world of law practice, there is an expectation and a standard of professionalism.  Though, I personally like to push creative envelopes with photography, sometimes it is important to appear a little more traditional.  With that in mind, I still wanted to Naum Estevez to stand apart from the competition with their photos.  They have a very contemporary office space and I wanted the clean brand esthetic to carry over into all aspects.  All photos were shot with natural light indoors.