Layout Design

I enjoy putting layouts together like a puzzle while finding a natural balance. The true challenge always lies in keeping a design flow with a large amount of content.

I have a broad range of layout design experience in print and digital which includes: magazine layout and pagination, newsletter layout, interior, cover and endsheet design for books.

Branding and Web Design

Advocacy and Promotional Design

I believe that compassion and giving back to something or someone in life is very important.  My talents as an artist and a photographer have literally saved lives and for that I am very grateful.  

I do a lot of non-profit Advocacy design for the Animal Rescues I am involved with.  So often there are many people invested in saving animals, but they lack the funding or knowledge to market things successfully.  I consider this my gift to good.  If I can spend a few hours of my time a week helping a cause that I whole-heartedly believe in, then I am bringing positivity into this struggling world.

Logo Design

I am a firm believer that a logo should be clean and simple, but most importantly stand on its own in a single color. The idea behind this is that no matter what, a company's logo can be printed on anything.

One of my biggest goals when working with a client is to listen to what they envision and take it beyond their expectations.