Our greatest experiences, are our quiet moments - Nietzsche

I have this thing with Quiet Moments.  Many of the photos I take are from those moments when no one else is really around and it is just me and my thoughts.                

This may come off a little morbid, but I enjoy going to Cemeteries.  They are quiet, serene and imperfect, but also full of little hidden memories and trinkets. I am very drawn to the statues and have been lucky enough to visit some beautiful cemeteries throughout the country. I hope to one day visit France and photograph the Père Lachaise


The Weeping Statue at the Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte, NC

I have carved stone and done sculpture work and it is not for the faint of heart. This sculpture is meticulously rendered and stunning to see in person.  She sits all by herself in an open patch of grass, thoughtfully placed.


St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Lost Souls and Animals

This was the first statue that I was really taken by.  I grew up in a Catholic family and struggled with some of the teachings.  However, the Saints have always fascinated me.  Particularly ones that showed compassion for animals and people. This statue is located in Sioux Falls, SD

She looks like she is stirring the Cosmos - Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte

I think the key to life is to surround yourself with things that inspire you and try to make the best of each day.  Taking photos is something I truly enjoy and most of the time, I am doing it for myself.  For many years I have built my portfolio websites to please others, but this one is for me. If someone takes interest in my work, that is pure bonus.